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When is Easter Sunday This Year 2016 – Dates & more

When is easter sunday this year 2016

Sunday, March 27

Easter Sunday 2016

As we all know that, Easter is one of the most important festivals of Christians. So logically Easter is the central event of Christian faith. So on Sunday when the Christians all over the world celebrate the resurrection of Jesus Christ. This is the most important Sunday of the entire year what happened on easter sunday. This is called as EASTER SUNDAY because three days later before Sunday Christ was crucified on Friday, and after three days He became alive. That’s why Easter is being celebrated on this day. Since we all know that When is easter sunday this year 2016so lets plan and decorate for celebration.

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What is Easter Sunday & Why EASTER Sunday Is Important ?

Many This Sunday is also called as Easter Sunday as RESURRECTION SUNDAY. Entire Christian community prefers to celebrate this festival. Without Easter Sunday, there will be no any Christianity. On this particular Sunday, people make a celebration for the rebirth of Jesus Christ. They make illuminates their house with lamp and candles prepare various kinds of dishes. They show their tremendous gratitude towards God when is easter this year. Tried to make everyone happy. This is because God loves that person who loves other. By doing this, they want to gain his mercy easter sunday mass.
For the “real” Christian all heathen gods must be rejected as either the personification of natural objects or forces, as actual human beings who persuaded others to worship them or as what day is easter this year the western world.

Easter 2016 dates

Easter Sunday can fall on any date between 22 March and 25 April. Therefore, Easter is always a movable feast. Easter is celebrated on the recent Sunday following the Paschal full moon. Irrespective of the differences in the tradition, Easter Sunday, is a holiday for all branches of Christianity easter weekend dates.

Events on Easter Sunday

The major activities organized in the Churches on the day of Easter include the Eucharist, feasting, and the most famous greeting “Christ rises!” and “He rises indeed!” In Orthodox churches easter sunday dates, a night long vigil is observed culminating in a procession outside the Church symbolically marking the search for Christ’s body easter sunday 2016 date. When the procession leaves the church, there is gloom all around characterized by darkness.

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